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What Is Paint Correction?


Paint correction is a term used by professional vehicle detailers and car enthusiasts, which is the process of removing imperfections on the paint surface such as swirl marks, surface scratches, water spots, bird-dropping etching, holograms and marring. While using the best products, and safest techniques, we can rejuvenate your paint and bring back a whole new level of gloss and shine.

**We recommend pairing a paint correction with ceramic coating to provide the ultimate protection for your paint and vehicles appearance! Contact us for questions regarding ceramic coating, or check out our ceramic coating page. 

Our level 1 paint correction is suitable for paint that is already in good condition and only consists of light swirl marks, and light surface scratches. We use a polishing pad, combined with an all-in-one polishing compound, followed by a paint sealant. Starting at $299 

Level One Correction

Ideal for vehicles with moderate swirl marks, scratches and imperfections. In the first step, we start with a cutting pad and cutting compound to level the deeper scratches. The second step consists of using a polishing pad combined with a polishing compound, to refine the finish by enhancing the gloss of the paint. Starting at $449

Level Two Correction

A 3 step paint correction is suited for vehicles with deep scratches, heavy swirl marks and imperfections. This technique consists of using a combination of three different pads and compounds. We first start with a heavy cutting compound (some wet sanding may be needed) to remove the deeper scratches. The second step is using a medium cutting compound to remove further swirls and scratches, followed by the third step which we use a finishing pad + finishing compound  to refine the paintwork to a swirl and hologram free finish. Please stop by for free evaluation and quote. 

Level Three Correction



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