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IGL Ceramic Coatings

We are fully certified IGL Ceramic Coating Installers!

When your vehicle is coated with IGL Coatings™, you will be protected against bird droppings, dead bugs, acid rain, tree sap, water spots, etc from adhering to your vehicles paint causing etching, that will eventually damage the paint while the vehicle is left to bake in the sun. With superb hydrophobic properties, your vehicle will repel water & dirt, making it easier to wash, allowing it to stay cleaner longer, and you will never have to wax again! With 9H and 10H hardness, and 100% silica, this is the ultimate protection for your vehicle!


IGL Quartz

IGL Quartz is a 2 year coating that will enhance the gloss on your vehicles paint, provide hydrophobic properties while allowing for an increase of resistance against harsh chemicals. Measuring at 9H hardness, this is a great entry level coating.

IGL Kenzo (Flagship Product)

IGL Kenzo is a dual system 5 year coating, reinforced with graphene nanoplatelets. IGL Kenzo allows for superb hydrophobicity, increased protection from water spots & chemicals, and in increase in gloss. Measuring at 10H hardness, this coating will protect your paint 12x longer than wax. 

IGL Ecocoat Wheel

IGL Wheel is a high-heat resistant coating that gets applied to your wheels and brake calipers. Once applied, this coating will repel water & dirt, allowing brake dust to wash off easily and keep your wheels and brakes looking fresh. 

IGL Quartz+

IGL Quartz+ is a hybrid rated 9H dual system coating, reinforced with graphene nanoplatelets allowing for 4 years of upgraded hydrophobicity, superb gloss, and protection against chemicals & water spots.  

IGL Ecocoat Window

This coating gets applied to your windshield, and all other glass on your vehicle. Once applied, your glass will repel water & dirt, allowing for rain & snow to bead off at speeds of 50 km/h and over, prolonging the life of your wiper blades. This coating also increases defrosting speeds during winter months. 

IGL Leather & IGL Fabric

These two coatings create hydrophobic surfaces, allowing for easy clean up resulting from water, spills, dirt & scuffs. These coatings can be applied to cloth/leather seats, other vehicle interior components, shoes, purses, watches, luggage and more. 


Contact Us For A Quote!

All ceramic coating packages for vehicle paint application ( IGL Quartz, IGL Quartz+ and IGL Kenzo ) includes a one-stage paint correction which will remove 80-90% of light swirl markets/light surface scratches. If your vehicle requires a more thorough, two or three stage paint correction, an additional cost will be requires. 

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