CJ's Auto Spa is fully certified in the installation of all IGL Ceramic Coating™ Products!

What is Ceramic Coating?

When your vehicle is coated with IGL Coatings™, you will be protected against bird droppings, dead bugs, acid rain, tree sap, water spots, etc from adhering to your vehicles paint causing etching, that will eventually damage the paint while the vehicle is left to bake in the sun. With 9H and 10H hardness, and 100% silica, this is the ultimate protection for your vehicle!


Other benefits of IGL Coatings™ are; 


Increased Gloss. Your vehicle will always look brand new, bringing out a rich gloss that you will never have to wax again!

Self Cleaning Properties. Your coated vehicle will have extreme hydrophobic properties which will repel water, dust & dirt that you can easily wash away with water.

Reduced Micro Marring. Marring occurs when you wash, dry and touch your paint. When properly maintained by your IGL Kenzo Installer, your vehicle will resist marring. 


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Other IGL Coatings™ that we offer! 

Wheel Coating. Your wheels are the lowest part of your vehicle to the road, being exposed to a bunch of different elements. IGL's Wheel Coating is a high temperature resistant coating, protecting your wheels from chemical staining, water spots, brake dust and micro marring. It will also increase the gloss with a glass-like finish, and make cleaning a breeze. 


Window Coating. Having your glass coated with IGL's Window Coating, will allow the glass to repel water and dirt. When applied to your windshield, one major benefit is that you can save and prolong the life of your wiper blades. Water will simply roll off at speeds of 50km/h and over. You will also see a speed in window defrosting. 


Trim Coating. Trim coating is the ultimate solution to fading trim parts of a vehicle. This hydrophobic coating provides 6H hardness, and anti-fading properties giving the trim a nice matte finish and protecting for up to 2-3 years. It will also allow the trim to stay cleaner longer, and make it much easier to clean. 

Leather Coating. Protect your leather seats/leather trim with this zero odour, breathable, super hydrophobic coating. This coating will protect your leather against liquid spills, denim dye transfer, UV and dirt. The leather will become super easy to just wipe off and clean. When coated, your leather will stay the original colour and appearance, so you won't even know that it's there.